It’s not fair, really – the advantage that Riva gives organizations using Salesforce.

Simple yet Elegantly Designed Integration Solution

Regardless of why your company chose Salesforce, chances are you’ve come to realize and appreciate the positive impact it has on your business.

If you’re a global enterprise business and rely on the Salesforce default options to integrate your business apps, you’ve probably also realized that there are some gaps in functionality and features that your business needs.

Here are three ways that leading global businesses are using Riva to outplay their competition:

1. Sync Calendar Events, Contacts, and Tasks – in Real-Time

Calendar event, contact, and task sync sound so basic, don’t they? If it were easy to do well for enterprise organizations, we wouldn’t be in business. It’s the number one reason Salesforce customers turn to Riva.

Most integrations solutions lack the sophistication that’s baked into Riva’s Relationship Engine. Riva provides seamless, reliable sync across business applications in even the most challenging scenarios – like multiple Salesforce organizations and hybrid email platforms.

Riva uses Salesforce Flow Actions to accomplish this without breaking a sweat – delivering conditioned, curated, always-on, and always up-to-date customer data to the right employees, right when they need it.

Say good-bye to the headache of recurring appointments and delegated calendar sharing. Riva reliably syncs them to Salesforce. Meeting notes can be stored contextually in Salesforce and distributed automatically to attendees.

Business and IT leaders alike appreciate that Riva significantly reduces API consumption by up to 80%. With fewer calls, sync is less taxing on your system. Riva increases productivity and efficiency because there’s no drag causing a slow halt to Salesforce and email. Lower API calls equate to more money in your wallet.

2. Surface Data When and Where You Need It

Behavior change doesn’t scale. Surfacing data in your teams’ inbox – where they live – is vital to ensuring your employees make the most out of the invaluable customer data at their disposal to drive business outcomes. Riva Insight is our sleek side panel for email. It surfaces meaningful, relevant Salesforce data right where your team needs it – eliminating the need to waste time switching between apps. Your staff can consume data faster to quickly understand the customer on the other end of the phone – and make data-driven recommendations on products and services your customers need.

3. Protect Customer Privacy and Avoid Reputation Damage

Data loss can result in devastating outcomes for you and your customers. We don’t take data loss lightly, and neither should any organization with strict industry-mandated privacy, security, and compliance regulations to uphold.

Trusted enterprise business applications go through rigorous testing to give customers the confidence they need to use them in their organizations. Many companies fail to ensure their integration solution lives up to the same standards as their business apps. Riva does.

Riva supports data encryption solutions that use real-time endpoint encryption strategies to help you manage and protect data. Our solutions integrate with leading enterprise data loss prevention applications.

Our solutions exceed industry-specific standards for financial, healthcare, and government data security and regulatory compliance. We have an unbroken record of more than 1100 successful security reviews, demonstrating our passion and commitment to preserving your reputation and your customers’ privacy.

Give your organization the unfair advantage to dominate your competition. Trust Riva for reliable, scalable, and real-time Salesforce, calendar, and contact sync. We’ve got you covered.

Forrester Study of Riva’s Transformative Impact: 352% ROI, less than 6 months to payback
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