For Salesforce customers who aren’t concerned with the level of control they have over data or security, the out-of-box Salesforce options for sync are often sufficient.

Salesforce customers turn to Riva when the default Salesforce sync options can’t meet their requirements for true interoperability between Salesforce, calendar, and inbox or provide the level of security, performance, scalability, and data share control between these applications.

Riva helps companies with complex sync requirements connect enterprise applications across multiple business units, Salesforce instances, hybrid email scenarios, and geographies.

Our customers don’t have to change how they work or spend valuable work hours learning new workflows or switching between applications to keep their data and their team up-to-date on customer interactions.

Top 10 reasons companies choose Riva over Salesforce default or other paid integration solutions

1. Riva Gets Customer Data to the Right People, at the Right Time, on the Right Screens

Real-time access to data helps your customers see your team as the experts they are. Our largest customer trusts Riva every day to sync their 28,000 CRM users.

2. We Help CISO’s Sleep Soundly

One of our key strengths is that we exceed industry-specific financial, healthcare, and government data security and regulatory compliance standards. Our unbroken record of more than 1100 successful security reviews gives our customers confidence that we are passionate about helping to preserve their reputations and their customers’ privacy. The default integration options available from Salesforce don’t meet many enterprise organizations’ security and compliance requirements because they store admin credentials for Active Directory / Exchange in the cloud – allowing Salesforce to view/manage all users’ email data. Riva employs multiple authentication strategies – including Exchange Security Certificates – which means Office 365 / Exchange, Active Directory, or Azure credentials are NEVER stored in Riva or Salesforce.

3. Support for Multiple Data Encryption and Data Loss Prevention Strategies

While the default sync solutions only work with one instance of Salesforce, Riva provides full support for multiple Salesforce instances. We employ data encryption solutions that use real-time endpoint encryption strategies and integrates with leading enterprise data loss prevention applications – including Salesforce Platform Encryption (SOSL), CipherCloud, SkyHigh, Shield Encryption, and others.

4. Simple Deployment, Even in Enterprise Environments

Riva’s design is elegant and straightforward. It requires minimal changes to enterprise infrastructure, Salesforce, or business applications, making it a breeze to administer and deploy. Deploy Riva in a public or private cloud or on-premises configuration.

5. No Plugins or Apps to Install

Riva operates behind the scenes to interconnect existing enterprise CRM and business applications. As a result of its simple design, installation requires no plugins or designated apps.

6. Recurring Calendar Event Support

Salesforce default options don’t provide bi-directional support for calendar events. Riva offers bi-directional appointment synchronization between email – Exchange/Office 365, G Suite, HCL Notes – and Salesforce, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry – and the risk of errors or critical omissions.

7. Intelligent Sync

Riva doesn’t just mindlessly sync all users’ contact and calendar events without giving you a say. Our thoughtful design uses applied intelligence to seamlessly and reliably synchronize only relevant CRM contacts, calendars, tasks, emails, opportunities, cases, and custom objects and fields – eliminating the clutter and confusion of duplicate entries.

8. Improved Salesforce Data Quality

Riva’s contact recommendation feature helps prevent duplicates and ensure only the most relevant information makes it into Salesforce, preserving data integrity.

9. Efficient, Real-Time Data Delivery

Riva decreases the number of API calls required to sync Salesforce and Exchange data in real-time – giving your team up-to-date contact, task, and event data all the time.

10. Detailed Activity Reports

Riva provides administrators (and users, if enabled) access to detailed data sync activity and error reports directly in the Riva Cloud dashboard. This data helps our customers make better, more data-driven business decisions and track and improve customer engagements.

Want to make the most of your Salesforce investment? Give your employees the Customer 360 view they need to make better selling decisions and grow your business – Contact us today.

Forrester Study of Riva’s Transformative Impact: 352% ROI, less than 6 months to payback
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