Many Riva customers are leaders in highly regulated industries like finance, healthcare, and government. As a result, they are subject to strict, continuously evolving regulatory guidelines that govern their relationship with and use of customer data. These regulatory schemes require specific data handling protocols, encryption standards, and more in their effort to protect from data breach and misuse.

As the data integration partner responsible for facilitating customer information flow between business CRM and applications like email, calendar, contacts, and tasks, Riva is responsible for monitoring data flows and ensuring compliance for use throughout the enterprise.

Working With Riva, Enterprises Benefit From:

Compliance With Complex, Industry-Specific Regulations

Riva solutions provide continuous updates of industry and region-specific regulations. Our constant monitoring helps enterprise clients to avoid sanctions, watchlist, and reputation damage that compromise customer trust.

Scalability, Within the Lines

Riva solutions are designed with flexibility and extensibility in mind. As your enterprise grows, our technology scales to suit your needs.

Comprehensive Data Security

Data security is of vital importance to Riva clients. Our solutions exceed industry-specific security standards, worldwide.

Internal User Visibility

Riva’s deep analytic capabilities enable administrators to monitor the activities of each seat – allowing for quick resolution of data security and compliance concerns.

Data Access and Use Flexibility

Riva delivers the right data in the right context to the right people – at exactly the right time. Our comprehensive administrative controls allow for in-depth tailoring of permissions to ensure that data is tightly controlled.

There Is No Customer Lifetime Value Without Trust

Security, privacy, and regulatory compliance are fundamental to Riva’s success, but the human elements of trust - transparency, and integrity - are just as vital.

Privacy You Can Trust

As a global company serving the data integration needs of large enterprise companies, Riva has developed a comprehensive understanding of privacy regulations throughout the world.

Robust Data Security

Riva is determined to meet or exceed industry-specific requirements. We earn and maintain a long list of third-party certifications validating our commitment to privacy and security.

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