Revenue Data Ops: Tackling the Top 5 Data Challenges Financial Services Face

Revenue Data Ops: Tackling the Top 5 Data Challenges Financial Services Face

For most enterprises, Salesforce, Office365/Exchange, and Gmail are critical tools to manage internal and external relationships. But when revenue and communications data remain siloed in these platforms, it creates customer history blind spots that hinder the ability of go-to-market teams to engage with customers and build meaningful, long-term relationships. These gaps—and the errors and omissions that result when data is manually transferred from one platform to another—create frustration, confusion, and delay for your teams and clients. If those data quality—and data trust—challenges affect your organization, you’re overdue for a robust, proven revenue data ops solution. That’s where Riva’s data ops features come in. 

Designed and refined through nearly two decades of experience, Riva’s Revenue Ops Engine seamlessly integrates customer data across the platforms that enterprises use most, connecting revenue and comms data silos to deliver a curated, contextual, and real-time,

360-degree customer view—regardless of which application or devices your team currently uses to engage with customers and teammates. For years, we have been helping financial clients solve unique and complex interoperability requirements in highly secure, highly regulated environments. And while each of our clients in the financial services industry faces its own unique challenges, many share a list of common hurdles. 

With the 5 innovations highlighted below, Riva offers the power to resolve the most common challenges our finserv clients face—and to harness the power of the data your teams gather every day:

  1. MNPI-Compliant Data Flows:  Because of the sophisticated data flows we’ve developed over the past ten years, Riva is Salesforce’s preferred partner to sync Office365/Exchange with Financial Services Cloud. Riva’s highly customizable UI and dataflows exemplify its configurable administrative capabilities that allow detailed governance to define privacy levels, creating new interactions in FSC and an event in Salesforce—each containing different levels of access to event information. This approach to sharing customer data allows a user’s calendar to be updated appropriately. It allows their time to be blocked in Salesforce without revealing any Material Nonpublic Information (MNPI) to those without access. Riva also scans for personally identifiable information (PII) with each sync—rather than relying on ad hoc, manual scanning by administrators—intercepting PII before it moves into CRM to prevent unauthorized MNPI access.
  2. Conversation Capture: This Riva innovation ensures that everyone who engages with a client account can access curated, organized views of the latest email conversations and attachments. This feature makes it easy for anyone in the organization to view conversation threads from the contract, account, opportunity, and case records. Riva also maps them to custom objects for our clients.
  3. Classification Prompt: A custom Outlook feature created for our clients, Classification Prompt reminds users to sync emails or meetings in CRM at the right level of privacy—public, private, or sensitive. This metadata allows the Riva Engine to flow data into appropriate screens and helps CISOs by making regulatory compliance and privacy everyone’s job—especially where MNPI is involved.
  4. Know Your Invitees: This popular feature of our data operations platform is a key contributor to our client’s enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP) initiatives. Riva automatically captures meeting invitees not found in CRM or email contacts folders and stores them in each platform. Our integrated sidebar surfaces relationship potential, providing contextual prompts that allow users to enhance the data at relevant points in the customer journey.
  5. Custom Views by Role: The Riva Rev Ops Engine is designed to help you curate data and flow it across the applications your teams use most in ways that fit your organization. This feature suits the needs of global fin/serv clients, providing tailored views of their customer data by application, department, title, name, and more.

If you’ve read this far, you’re already aware: there’s immense potential in the gigabytes of customer data your company gathers daily. Harnessing that power depends on your ability to free it from the communication and revenue data platform silos where it’s stored. For a long list of global fin/serv clients, Riva unifies, governs, and distributes that data where and when needed—while honoring the security and regulatory requirements necessary to protect sensitive customer data. 

Finding the right solution for your enterprise starts with a clear sense of your needs. And while the five innovations above are likely to resonate with nearly every fin/serve company, we encourage you to download our  CRM integration evaluation guide. This guide provides a range of critical questions you should ask yourself—and any revenue data ops solution provider you consider.

Customer Data Compliance. We make it easier.

We understand that finding a compliance-oriented revenue data ops solution is hard work. That’s why we are here. Talk to one of our Riva specialists today to bring your data flows and practices into compliance with industry-specific regulations.

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