Meeting Scheduling and Management Solutions: Riva Bookings and Microsoft Bookings*

Is your enterprise in a regulated industry? Does it require a tool to reduce the friction in meeting scheduling and the inevitable back and forth leading up to the meeting? If you answer yes, this comparison between Microsoft Bookings (MS Bookings) and Riva Bookings is for you.  

MS Bookings is an entry level booking tool offered on the Microsoft365 platform, and the resulting meeting data is not integrated with any CRM – including Dynamics.  Riva Bookings solution is built on the Riva ecosystem and was explicitly designed for regulated industries. Riva Bookings too is the one-stop solution for more sophisticated revenue data operations needs. Read on—and learn where MS Bookings falls short and Riva Bookings excels. 

Enterprise-Grade Data Privacy and Security Practices 

Riva Bookings solution is part of the Riva ecosystem and is designed with sophisticated B2B for enterprises in regulated industries. It is integrated into Riva Sync, unification, and flow automation to consistently capture activity information in the record system and the system of action. And it provides granular privacy and security settings to align with your data governance needs.  

MS Bookings does not offer stringent compliance practices for data governance. 

Riva Bookings features a meeting approval process that can be carried out automatically or by the meeting organizer to add a layer of increased security. MS Bookings does not yet have this important flow. Furthermore, Riva Bookings matches emails before taking further cancellation or rescheduling actions to avoid potential fraud and security concerns.  

Riva Bookings offers multiple deployment methods, whereas MS Bookings is cloud-only. Organizations can choose to have their bookings instance deployed on Riva cloud AWS environment or directly on their cloud environment—providing complete control over your infrastructure. 

Riva Bookings does not store meeting information such as subject, description, attachment, date, or time – only the meeting ID. While MS Bookings serves the purpose of managing appointments for MS 365 users, they fall short of compliance management. In contrast, Riva Bookings succeeds as an enterprise-grade booking solution backed by robust data security and MNPI handling. 

Accommodating the Complex External Meeting Needs of Regulated Industries 

Business leaders within FinServ often request meeting delegations, and Riva Bookings tool supports this workflow. With the meeting host delegation function, end users such as executive assistants are empowered to create meeting links on behalf of non-users or anyone who needs to stay focused on business and revenue goals.  

Riva Bookings separates optional attendees from those who are required internal attendees. Optional attendees are invited to meetings to stay informed, but their calendar availability doesn’t determine meeting times.  

MS Booking only offers limited host delegations capabilities, through the Scheduler role or being a super user/administrator.

Frictionless User Experience 

Both MS Bookings and Riva can pull all booking users’ preferences, such as default availability, to free up your time for more valuable things like interacting with customers. 

Riva Bookings can build meeting reports for their users on an as-needed basis with no time limit or additional cost, whereas meeting reports for MS Bookings can only be downloaded for periods of 4 months at a time.

Riva Bookings integrates with a wide range of meeting platforms. Teams and Zoom meetings are available out of the box, and other meetings options like Webex, in-person, or phone calls can be supported via our “other” option. On the other hand, MS Bookings only integrates with Teams or Skype and does not have a direct integration with other popular virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom. 

Riva Bookings also provides highly flexible brand customization in color, logo, and privacy or security disclaimer. MS Bookings has limited options to customize branding. Users can only set email reminders and calendar invitations and modify color schemes and logos.

Not all online booking tools are created equally. MS Bookings is online booking software segregated from customer and revenue data. In contrast, Riva Bookings is part of the Riva ecosystem and is designed for enterprises in regulated industries needing a seamless scheduling experience as part of their revenue data operations. 

Comparing Capabilities


  • Proven enterprise-level security, privacy, and scalability mandated by regulated industries 
  • Increased security controls with a combined manual and automatic approval process  
  • Meeting details are not stored 
  • No compliance management based on our research  
Approval Workflow
Approval Workflow
  • Automatic approval offered 
  • Approval by the meeting organizer also offered for increased security 
  • No manual approval process

Meeting Host Delegation 
Meeting Host Delegation 
  • Assistants able to book meetings on behalf of others like the CEO and choose to be part of the meeting as a required or an optional attendee
  • Limited host delegations capabilities, through the Scheduler role or being a super user/administrator

  • Reports can be built on an as-needed basis – no time limit or additional cost 
  • Reports available for periods of 4 months at a time 

Distinction of required and optional attendees 
Distinction of required and optional attendees 
  • Option for “required attendees” and “optional attendees” 
  • Not available based on our research

Branding Customization 
Branding Customization 
  • Highly customizable branding to meet enterprise needs: color, logo, and privacy or security disclaimer 
  • Limited: Users can set email reminders and calendar invitations and modify color schemes and logos 

Deployment Method 
Deployment Method 
  • Hybrid deployments 
  • Cloud only 

Meeting Platform  
Meeting Platform  
  • Teams and Zoom meetings are available out of the box 
  • Other online meetings like Webex can be supported via our “other” option 
  • Integrates with Teams or Skype only, not Zoom 

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