Customer Data Compliance: The Key to CISO Peace of Mind

When customers interact with businesses, it’s often taken for granted that any sensitive information they share will be safe, secure, and protected from misuse—both by company policy and government regulation. But as CISOs and other security-minded stakeholders know, the protection of sensitive customer and Material Non-Public Information (MNPI) data compliance requires constant vigilance. And for nearly every enterprise, the sheer volume of sensitive data necessitates the adoption and implementation of proven data integration technologies to process, curate, and secure the distribution of data—all while preventing breaches and misuse. 

Customer Data Ops: The Key to Data Compliance—and CISO Peace of Mind

The risks involved mean CISOs—and the customer data ops solutions they rely on—must meet a very high bar. Fortunately, for a growing list of companies in regulated industries like finance, insurance, healthcare, and government, solutions like Riva promise stable, time-tested, highly secure, compliant data integration that prevents compromise. Here are a few of the critical ways we help CISOs sleep at night:

“Riva is a great partner for customers in regulated industries. They have proven their solution at scale with some of Salesforce’s most valuable customers in financial services. They are the natural choice for compliance-minded clients.”Rohit Mahna, (Former) SVP, Industry Go To Market, Salesforce

1. Industry-Specific Compliance. By monitoring and integrating global, industry-specific regulatory changes, a data integration solution like Riva takes the guesswork out of compliance with data privacy and security regulations. This attention to detail:

    • Prevents enterprise data users from inadvertent or intentional misuse of customer information and MNPI by limiting access to data and preventing unauthorized disclosure or distribution
    • Provides customers with the assurance that the data they share won’t be used in ways that violate established enterprise, industry, and governmental regulations
    • Avoids the financial cost of government sanctions resulting from compliance violations
    • Avoids reputation damage that can result when misuse of customer data and MNPI is exposed to customers, industry partners, and the general public

2. Data Security. By relying on secure, pass-through architecture to connect CRM, email, and calendar data without retaining it, we prevent the possibility of a data breach.

    • Effective data ops solutions work seamlessly within existing CRM, calendar, and email platforms to establish a conduit between data sources without exposing customer information and MNPI to heightened risk that could compromise enterprise security and compliance protocols
    • Well-designed customer data ops solutions are engineered for secure, seamless integration with both in-house and cloud-based data residencies

3. Administrative Configurability. As enterprise reliance on the use of customer data grows, system administrators need more hands-on ability to model data and gate data flows. Enterprise-level customer data ops allow system administrators, CISOs, and compliance teams to:

    • Control data flows by product, user interface, and permission, limiting access to sensitive data based on need
    • Monitor and report on access to and use of data

“Riva integrates with the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud interaction summary and the interaction data model that we have built. Once a calendar event is synced to the financial services cloud without re-entering any of that information, the banker can just go and quickly capture the call reports and share it with the deal team while remaining fully confident that they are not inadvertently sharing this information with somebody that should not have access.”  – Nirav Doctor, Product Manager, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

4. Scalability. Most enterprises live in a state of constant evolution. In many cases, changes render existing technologies and systems obsolete, forcing major operational revisions and high transition costs. In contrast, well-designed customer data integration solutions that address this concern are designed to scale, providing the flexibility necessary to safely and securely accommodate:

    • Extensibility of customer data access, allowing the enterprise to quickly and efficiently adapt to new workflow requirements and add new users
    • Real-time data processing puts emails, meetings, and digital communications in the context of relationships, thereby improving the customer journey

“By allowing our team to see calendar appointments in both email and CRM in desktop and mobile formats, Riva was able to put key customer history information at every agent’s fingertips. In one 90-day period alone, Riva helped us to create more than 1.5 million appointments and update 5 million more.”  – CRM Program Manager, Fortune 500 Global Insurance Company

5. Industry Certifications/Standards. Third-party standards are useful for quick validation of a company’s focus and principles. Riva engineers work tirelessly to meet—and in many cases exceed—these exacting industry standards, which include:

◦ SOC 1 ◦ SOC2 Type 2
◦ SSAE 16 ◦ ISAE 3402
◦ HIPAA ◦ Sarbanes-Oxley

As existing enterprise clients can attest, Riva sets a high bar for security and compliance through dedicated innovation in customer data operations. By prioritizing security and compliance and delivering true customer 360, Riva paves the way for bottom-line growth without compromising peace of mind. 

Customer Data Compliance. We make it easier.

We understand the finding a compliant data integration solution can be difficult, which is why we are here. Talk to one of our Riva specialists today to start getting your CRM compliant with all the major data regulations.

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