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As a consumer, you’ve likely had both positive and negative experiences with the products and services you’ve purchased. In most cases, you likely kept those experiences to yourself or shared them with a small circle of friends and acquaintances. If you’re like most of us, it takes a truly significant experience—good or bad—to publish a review.

That’s why it’s so meaningful when you do. 

So it’s one thing for us to tell the business world that creating true customer 360 is a prerequisite for transforming enterprise data trust, worker productivity, and customer relationships. But it’s another thing to hear, in your words, rev ops success stories on how Riva helps to do just that. 

As a quick aside, our promise of security goes all the way. We won’t disclose the names of our clients without explicit permission. While we wish we could always name names (nearly 20% of banks in North America are partners – one of whom has 47,000+ users on our solution), this is just another way we protect customer data from hackers. Security and integrity are central to Riva’s culture—right down to the logos you won’t see in our marketing or next to the quotes they’ll allow on the record.  

With that, let’s see what you—our customers—have to say about Riva Revenue Data Ops. 

Increased Data Trust Through Seamlessly Unified Revenue & Communication Stacks

For most IT teams and enterprise users, a true measure of effective technology is its ability to achieve its promise quietly and efficiently—merging seamlessly with workflows to actually enhance performance and productivity. So when our customers tout Riva’s quiet, efficient, effective, almost invisible ability to unify, govern and distribute customer data where and when it’s needed, we consider it high praise.

“Successful Salesforce CRM would be impossible without Riva. Our users want to live and work primarily in Outlook. They want Outlook to work transparently with Salesforce for email tracking, meeting classification, and contact integration – without having to switch back and forth between the two systems.”CRM Administrator,  Boston-Based Hedge Fund

“We are bringing in Riva integration with our Salesforce application. This is very helpful for users to review their meetings and tasks in a single place instead of switching between Outlook and (Salesforce), which saves a lot of time.” – Meraj Unnisa Begum, Salesforce QA Specialist, Canada Life

“Riva has helped us mitigate the risk of losing the trust of our high net worth clients. Our bankers and wealth managers no longer waste time toggling between systems. Instead, they are able to focus on providing our clients with stellar customer experience and a very personalized customer journey at every touchpoint with our organization.” – CRM Program Manager, Top North American Bank

“Riva has enabled our sales organization to be more efficient, allowing them to work in just one system versus two when it comes to calendaring. In a world where even one more click matters, this has definitely saved us time and helped with the change management of our sales team making it easier to get them into Salesforce to do their jobs.” – Operations Director, Boston-Based Hedge Fund

“Getting salespeople to log emails in a CRM is almost impossible. So we set out to find automated solutions to logging and we stumbled upon Riva. Since setting Riva up (which takes minutes) we haven’t looked back – unless you consider the ability to look back at all email communications in SFDC looking back. Riva is fantastic and saves dozens of hours each month in double entry. Riva automates everything and is a best-in-class solution!” IT Administrator in Food & Beverage, Mid-Market Enterprise (51-1000 employees)

“Riva CRM Integration (connected) information (stored in CRM) to the office tools that they use in their day-by-day work (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts). With the Riva sync feature they will not have to move a lot of times from the CRM to Google G Suite and vice versa, because they always will find the information they need in the user interface that they are using in that specific moment!”Mattia C., Cloud Specialist, Mid-Market Enterprise (51-1000 employees)

“We use SugarCRM and G Suite for email and calendaring. We have three policies for our different teams and Riva helps us to get critical information between these systems in near real-time. Email especially is important to our Support team (and others) while our Sales team heavily relies on email and their appointments.” – Fred B, Support Specialist, Mid-Market Enterprise (51-1000 employees)

Riva CRM Data Integration: Enterprise Success Stories

Powerful Governance Tools Give You the Reins in Revenue Data Operations

As keepers of customer data, you accept the responsibility to respect the use limitations promised to customers when it was gathered and the regulations that limit its use. That’s why Riva builds robust, highly-configurable administrative tools that control data flow throughout the enterprise to ensure the right data is visible to the right people. Riva also provides in-depth monitoring capabilities to eliminate the risk of customer data misuse.

“With many complex moving parts and nuances with each client, we needed a smart CRM data sync solution—capable of distinguishing between contacts and leads. We also needed a flexible solution that respects our privacy policies—only syncing certain data and details of the contact, and we found that in Riva.”Susan McLaughlin, CRM Project Manager, Sunbelt Rentals

“With Riva, we were able to implement data sharing processes and configure rules to automatically manage and log daily email and calendar activity to help deliver a clearer view of client interactions. Riva was configured to automatically exclude private meetings and internal meetings not related to contacts or accounts from being logged in CRM. That was a huge improvement.”  – Enrico Balbo, CX-Business Application, Petronas

“My team uses a mixture of Macs, PCs, iPads, and iPhones in day-to-day work. The Riva integration allows the email/calendar platforms on all of these devices to easily sync with Salesforce. Having the ability to set different sync rules for different users and the choice between one/two way sync allows us to ensure only appropriate data is synced back and forth. Final point…it is really affordable given the time savings achieved through its use.”Lauren Jarrad, Disaster Management Centre Manager

“Set it and forget it! Once all configuration is completed, the app basically runs itself. Riva has many advanced features that you may not see on the surface. The support team is able to assist with any customized functionality. The support team is one of the best I have come across when dealing with integrations and ongoing support. The easy interface makes it easy to check on the ongoing sync jobs without much fuss. We had originally installed Riva to replace Salesforce for Outlook (SFO). SFO was very buggy and hard to manage at an individual level when issues arose. We had 300+ users and SFO was very time consuming on upkeeping with all our users. Riva On-Premise became our savior in syncing our user’s data between exchange and salesforce. We can keep track of any errors that may arise and handle them promptly by Riva monitoring service.”IT Administrator in Building Materials, Large Enterprise (> 1000 employees)

Increasing Customer Lifetime Value and ROI through Revenue Data Ops

Your customers are keenly aware of the connections they form with the companies courting their business—and they go where they feel seen, served, and valued. By unifying, governing, and distributing previously siloed customer data, Riva’s CRM data integration platform gives end-users access to current, curated, trusted information they need to build and maintain meaningful customer relationships.  The connection improves stakeholder productivity, boosts customer retention, empowers customer acquisition, and stimulates sales for greater bottom-line performance. Dollar for dollar, few investments promise a greater return.

“We save close to 334 workdays per year of our teams’ time thanks to Riva’s ability to securely automate manual tasks.  That is roughly a savings of 6x greater than our investment in Riva.”Enrico Balbo, CX-Business Applications, Petronas

“We estimate savings of 15-20 minutes a day for each field rep. Over ten years, that equates to hundreds of thousands of dollars—well worth our investment in Riva!”Susan McLaughlin, CRM Project Manager, Sunbelt Rentals

“By implementing Riva, we were able to remove a key barrier from CRM user adoption and satisfaction. Frontline teams now have one singular customer overview, whether they’re working in CRM, Office 365, in the physical office, or on the road. Thanks to Riva, we can move our global business initiatives and client engagements forward faster and better than ever before.”Silvano Berardo, CX – Group Distributor Manager, Petronas

“Using Riva, we were able to automatically synchronize over 10,000 interactions to Salesforce in an easy, automatic manner. Riva met our requirements by importing emails to Salesforce, automatically creating thousands of contacts and accounts we had been missing through this process, and ensuring that all the attachments in the email messages were also successfully transferred to the relevant Salesforce records.

The implementation was surprisingly easy, and with the help of the Riva support team we had the integration deployed and tested in just a couple of hours of work. Our end goal was to get all of our legacy data reliably synced up with our new Salesforce environment, and to do so in such a manner that didn’t break the bank or take months. We couldn’t have managed this without the Riva Integration and the Riva team, and would gladly recommend them to anyone looking to sync between Salesforce and Outlook / Office 365.”Alex Guy, Digital Officer, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

“Riva’s ability to seamlessly connect Salesforce and HCL Domino adds a ton of value to Salesforce—making it smarter and easier for our staff. Cooperation and collaboration between our team members have greatly improved. Riva is wrangling customer data in the background automatically—creating better Salesforce user adoption. We now have better and more data collected in Salesforce—with less time spent on data entry.”Nikolas Diamantis, ICT Manager, Leonidas

CRM Data Integration: Enterprise Success Stories

Revenue Data Ops With Security and Compliance in Its DNA

Data security and regulatory compliance aren’t glamorous—but they’re vital to the ability of your business to instill trust in your customers and serve their needs. Riva has earned the trust of leading enterprises in regulated industries like finance, insurance, life sciences, and government by ensuring up-to-date, industry-specific, compliant, and secure solutions that connect and protect customer data in CRM, email, and calendar platforms.

“Riva is a great partner for customers in regulated industries. They have proven their solution at scale with some of Salesforce’s most valuable customers in financial services. They are the natural choice for compliance-minded clients.”Rohit Mahna, (former) SVP, Industry Go To Market, Salesforce

“Riva ensures we get the most out of our Salesforce Financial Services Cloud solution for Corporate and Investment Banking. Our bankers are blissfully unaware of the data wrangling that Riva does in the background. They just know that it is easier to manage their relationships and deliver value to clients. With Riva, we can do all of this securely and without changing their existing workflows.”CRM Program Manager, Global Investment Bank based in NY

“Thanks to Riva, our deal teams now collaborate more efficiently—without sacrificing security or our reputation. Riva keeps our business compliant while allowing our team to share sensitive data with the right people at the right time.”Chief Information Security Officer, Global Capital Markets Leader

At TD we use Riva to enable SF users to sync their emails with SF. Riva helps us meet critical data loss prevention needs for the bank, which off-the-shelf SF Outlook integration tools (do not). Riva helps TD meet (regulatory) standards for data loss prevention for outlook integration without compromising on end-users’ productivity.”IB, Internal Consultant in Banking, Large Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

Stellar Service and Support

As a customer, you can sense a vendor’s commitment and authenticity from the get-go—but consistency is critical to confirm your impressions and sustain your trust. Riva’s business and reputation were built on customer service for customers seeking custom CRM data integration solutions. Over time, the Riva team combined the power of those technologies to form an enterprise-level data ops solution that offered far more than the sum of its parts. Today, Riva remains deeply committed to serving the needs of its customers and works continually to address their individual and enterprise-level needs—before sharing the innovations those interactions yield for the benefit of all Riva users. 

“Riva has amazing customer support and product. I’m in the private equity space and as a member of the Service Operations Team, I support the Investor Services Team with Salesforce and integrations. The Investor Services Team frequently receives requests through Outlook and we need to be able to pull this information back into Salesforce for reporting and legal/compliance reasons. For years, our Riva integration has been set up to sync their requests as cases in Salesforce with all relevant email attachments.

I’m impressed with how efficient, professional, and friendly their team is. I’d highly recommend the company and integration product to everyone in my network.”Senior Associate, Global Alternative Asset Firm

“RIVA provides great customer service and support – they not only help with an issue but they seek to understand and partner with you to solve a problem. Been a customer for several years and have seen how they continue to improve and invest in their technology and features.

I love how almost everything we’ve asked for is configurable – and when it isn’t, they often end up adding to be configurable in the future as they see the need for other customers, too.”Jessica Benoit, Developer, Mass Mutual

“It works and they work. Two things stand out to me. The first is that, once configured, Riva runs flawlessly. Emails appear in SFDC without fail. The second is that Riva support is knowledgeable and unrelenting. They stay with me until the issue (mostly my understanding of how things work) is resolved to my satisfaction.”Bill Spuck, Consultant, First Financial Consulting

“The customer service team is fantastic. They are very quick to respond and resolve any issues that you may have. Even if they can’t work on or solve your issue immediately, they will let you know that your ticket has been received and that someone will work on it as soon as they can. I appreciate this as it is transparent and helps to manage expectations.  RIVA has been great in assisting us with keeping our user records clean and up to date. They also proactively reach out directly if they identify any errors and help out resolve the issue as quickly as possible.”AH, Administrator in Higher Education, Mid-Market Enterprise (51-1000 employees)

Customer feedback has been integral to Riva’s success. Real-world insights have informed many of the innovations that set our technologies apart—and it’s gratifying to learn when those innovations have a positive impact on our customers’ goals and objectives. 

We’d love to add you to the clients who’ve realized the benefits of secure, compliant, real-time CRM data integration.

Compliance, security, adoption: We make it easier for you!

We understand finding the right CRM data integration solution can be difficult, which is why we are here to help. Talk to one of our specialists today to get your CRM where it always wanted to be.

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