At Salesforce World Tour, speakers, industry leaders, and attendees turned their attention to AI — focusing on the ways it will empower the future of customer relationship management, employee and customer experiences, and advisor and seller engagement. Sessions with experts highlighted the progress of AI tech and offered informed insights on how AI will impact specific industries, like the financial services industry.

On the campground floor, attendees, Salesforce, Riva, and others shared their firsthand experiences with AI-enhanced customer and employee engagement and data technologies. The team at our booth shared Riva’s perspective and approach to embedding AI in our solutions and received great input, feedback, and key takeaways related to:

Advances in the Combined Power of CRM + Data + AI + Trust

There are rapid advances in the ability to combine the enormous power of CRM, Data, AI, and Trust to deliver improved experiences for both customers and employees. Advisors and sellers have seen significant advances in the technologies and solutions designed to leverage AI’s ability to process vast volumes of customer data — gathered through countless customer touchpoints — unifying high-quality data in CRM. Long the laggard element in the equation, data trust is on the rise, as advisors and sellers experience the benefits of utilizing high-quality data to advance customer engagements. As a result, customer experience has seen significant improvements — giving them confidence in AI-enabled enterprises to recognize and address their needs.

“91% of financial service analytics and IT directors say the need for trustworthy data is higher than ever.”

The Financial Services Playbook for Effective Data Maturity, Salesforce

Riva has played an essential role in helping many of the financial and business services enterprises who attended World Tour NYC work toward attaining the promise of CRM + Data + AI + Trust. Riva’s AI-enhanced Activity Capture suite helps clients capture and unify data and boost data quality, eliminates data gaps, prioritizes signal over noise, and delivers enterprise-level data security and compliance.

Working together, these Riva capabilities enhance trust in CRM data — giving advisors and sellers the confidence and information they need to grow customer lifetime value.

Enhancements to Advisor and Seller Workflows to Boost Productivity and Drive Customer Engagement

One of the highlighted stats at the event held that 80% of enterprises are committed to growing their target prospects — while only 40% had plans to grow their workforce in order to reach that growth. This means that most companies have a growing focus on enhancing advisor and seller productivity.

“93% of financial services business leaders feel their organization should be getting more value out of its data.”

The Financial Services Playbook for Effective Data Maturity, Salesforce

Fortunately for financial services and leading enterprises, Riva’s Sales Engagement suite is built to leverage new AI and automation-enhanced seller workflow technologies — and are making those lofty aspirations closer to the ground and making them more attainable. Riva’s Engagement tools and communication flows are designed to help create personalized interactions at scale, increase seller activity volume, and develop pipeline faster through more effective nurturing processes. Riva increases productivity by automating tasks through AI-enhanced content creation, automated cadences and templates, and streamlined meeting scheduling. These tools effectively amplify and accelerate advisor and seller capabilities, contributing to better client experience and increased lifetime value — without compromising security and the quality of customer engagement.

event exhibition floor

Heightened Commitment to Data Maturity and Customer 360

The concept of Salesforce as a single source of truth has long been a common topic at World Tour events. All too often, those discussions seemed more aspirational than attainable. During this year’s World Tour, it was clear that the potential for CRM to serve as a reliable, unified source of current, comprehensive customer 360 data is closer to reality than ever before.

“73% of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations.”

The Financial Services Playbook for Effective Data Maturity, Salesforce

Part of that reality is due to the increased role that Salesforce and its partners play in a concerted commitment to data maturity, a concept and process essential to data quality, and outlined by Salesforce in The Financial Services Playbook for Effective Data Maturity to include the following steps:

  • Set goals and identify manual data processes. This is the kind of enterprise-wide housekeeping necessary to know where you’re going, and to identify inefficiencies that can compromise both advisor productivity and data quality.
  • Reduce multiple, inconsistent sources of truth. This is where tools like Riva Activity Capture, supported by AI and automation, eliminate siloing and improve data quality by capturing it at its source, removing errors, omissions, and duplications, and channeling it to single-source-of-truth CRM.
  • Tell the full story. Once unified, by data integration solutions like Riva, high-quality data is poised to provide the current, comprehensive, secure customer histories necessary for advisors to engage — and for customers to feel seen and served.
  • Get intelligent insights. This is where CRM + Data + AI + Trust comes into play to provide advisors and sellers with a deep, accurate understanding of customer needs and expectations. It’s also essential to advisors’ ability to personalize each customer engagement. With solutions like Riva’s Sales Engagement suite, advisors benefit from AI and automation to amplify their efforts to reach many customers at scale with individualized content.
  • Transform your organization. As the data maturity process…well…matures, advisors increasingly embrace CRM as the single source of truth. Working with trusted data, can be more confident and proactive in their engagements, become stronger customer advocates and advisors, and grow customer lifetime value.

Once again this year, World Tour NYC lived up to its reputation as a platform for thought leaders and attendees to explore the latest technology trends and network with their peers. From Riva’s perspective, this World Tour was the perfect opportunity for us to showcase for how far we’ve come in helping our customers engage and grow their customer lifetime value by leveraging the collaborative power of CRM + Data + AI + Trust.

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