The December Salesforce World Tour New York City brought together business leaders and experts to delve into key topics shaping the future of customer engagement. Leaders came from a range of industries—but all shared a desire to learn how better to leverage customer data to enhance digital customer and employee experiences. The overriding themes included how to improve employee productivity and satisfaction, elevate customer engagements, and grow customer lifetime value.  

Following are key takeaways from the event and how Riva can help you translate those insights into action:

1. Integrated Workflows Streamline and Strengthen Customer Connections

In this era of digital transformation, customer experiences must go beyond conventional touchpoints. Seamlessly engaging with prospects and customers directly from email platforms is a barrier-busting game-changer. Technologies that facilitate personalized customer experiences must be intuitive, efficient, , effective, and transparent across channels. The emphasis on workflow and platform integration to are key to bringing customer engagement into existing workflows and providing a more unified and engaging experience for both go-to-market teams and customers.  

Riva is actively addressing this need through new offerings and capabilities that allow transparent integration between email systems like Outlook and Gmail and Salesforce and other CRMs that empower teams to connect effortlessly with prospects and customers. Streamlining communication workflows within the work environments teams use every day helps advisors succeed, enhances the customer experience, and aligns with the World Tour’s vision of redefining customer connections by enabling true customer 360 visibility.  

Our latest capabilities and new offerings amplify advisors’, sales teams’ and managers’ ability to focus on managing their book of business and amplify their results without leaving their email client while full leveraging Salesforce,” said Riva CEO, Aldo Zanoni. “Not only do teams benefit from having immediate access to current and relevant customer data, go-to-market teams are better able to anticipate and project customer needs thereby building better relationships and capturing new revenue opportunities.
Team Riva at Salesforce WT NYC 2023

2. The Rise of Data-Driven “Single Source of Truth” Customer 360

Customer 360 as the single source of truth is moving from concept to reality, driven by the importance of having a consolidated and comprehensive view of customer data – across your multiple teams. This is crucial for effective decision-making, streamlined business processes. Delivering customer interaction personalization enables your teams to capture and pursue new revenue opportunities.  In a world where data drives strategy, having a centralized repository that enables secure, curated cross-enterprise access is a core competitive advantage.  

Riva’s product development team has focused on helping you unify customer information between Salesforce and communication platforms like Outlook and Gmail. That success is amplified in a range of new developments slated for release over the next three quarters of 2024.

“Built on direct feedback from key customers, our upcoming solutions leverage the Riva Relationship Engine to help our customers elevate the ability of their advisors and go-to-market team members to connect directly with their customers,” Zanoni said. “And because one instance of Riva can unify multiple instances of Salesforce and Microsoft 365 across multiple divisions, Riva takes enterprise-wide Customer 360 to a whole new level.

With Riva on board, go-to-market teams are able to make decisions based on accurate and current data and provide personalized experiences based on details that create their customers’ big-picture reality.

3. Pairing AI’s Predictive, Generative Power to Drive Autonomous Actions and Agents

Given its rapid rise to prominence and importance, AI was front and center at this year’s World Tour NYC. While there are several areas where AI shows jaw-dropping potential, its power to enhance predictive analytics and generative forecasting models capable of safely driving autonomous actions and intelligent agents is among its most remarkable.  These advancements enhance user experiences, automate processes, and enable proactive decision-making. Businesses that embrace these AI capabilities have the potential to support and enhance human-centric activities, revolutionize their operations, and stay ahead in a competitive landscape.  

Based on customer feedback, Riva is at the forefront of integrating AI into customer interactions that are relevant and directly applicable to helping your advisors and customer-facing teams amplify the success of their efforts. Our new features include predictive analytics and generative capabilities that leverage your Salesforce data – integrated with your AI platform of choice – to ensure your users experience the benefits of the AI revolution – in a trusted, secure manner.

In upcoming releases, we’ll add even more AI power and relevance to our solution set,” Zanoni said. “They will significantly enhance our clients’ customer engagement power by automating communications tasks and customer cadence workflows—and by evaluating the performance of those communications to inform and improve future customer engagements – while respecting your AI platform of choice.”

By incorporating relevant actions and intelligence into your advisors’ everyday workflows, Riva enhances efficiency, providing users with valuable insights, and empowers them to make better data-driven decisions.

4. Leveraging AI Power to Boost Workforce Productivity

It’s easy to focus on AI as a landscape-changing technology—but its value depends on your ability to leverage it in creating brilliant internal and external experiences – while respecting your organization’s AI of choice!  AI’s potential to boost workforce productivity was another common theme at this year’s World Tour. With its ability to automate data entry and unify vast volumes of data—and to monitor and improve data quality—your teams are able to focus their efforts where they count: on the advisor digital experience and customer engagement. AI’s ability to process, analyze, and improve high volumes of customer data highlights how important it is to leverage the best of both machine AND human intelligence—to deliver significant opportunities for cohesive growth and innovation.  

Riva’s longtime focus on process and data quality improvement is front and center in our current solutions—and those slated for near-term release.

“By focusing on AI’s productivity-related potential for financial services companies and other regulated industries,” said Zanoni, ” our upcoming releases are rich with practical improvements that allow advisors and go-to-market teams to leverage applied AI to improve the quality and relevance of their communications and engagements with customers.”

With these advances, Riva’s solutions will contribute to continuous productivity improvements—and help your company lead the industry shift toward increased use of applied AI to solve relevant and high-value problems.  The ability to automatically add contacts from emails to CRM, to improve CRM data quality by automatically updating contact and account information, and suggesting better-performing content will elevate how your advisors and go-to-market teams provide personalized digital experience for customers. By leveraging AI to streamline workflows and enhance user experiences, Riva will play a key role in providing a positive impact and outcomes for your workforce productivity and company’s revenue growth.

5. Bridging the Trust Gap with Trusted, Ethical, Humane AI

(AI that’s based on good data, that’s reliable (no hallucinations), and that’s aligned with human objectives) 

Given the rapid pace of AI adoption and the shortage of consensus on its long-term impacts, trust will remain a critical factor in successful AI projects. Building trusted, ethical, and humane AI requires enterprises to embrace, restate, and demonstrate their commitment to data privacy, transparency, and responsible AI practices. In order for workers and customers to embrace AI, building and sustaining trust in its use is foundational for successful AI adoption.  

Since our earliest days, the Riva team has placed a high priority on data privacy that reflects our customers’ ethical and responsible customer data use. We pursue that same level of commitment as we incorporate AI technologies into our solutions.

“We’ve always worked in environments where data security, compliance, privacy, and governance were paramount,” says Zanoni. “If anything, AI has only increased our focus on protecting our customers’ data to improve their customers’ journeys and experience.”  

You can count on Riva’s products to emphasize data privacy, user control, and transparency. By adhering to the tenets of trusted AI, Riva helps customers bridge the trust gap and contribute to the development of an AI ecosystem that is innovative, trustworthy, and ethical.  

6. Harnessing the Combined Power of Data + AI + CRM

As World Tour attendees know, AI is a catalyst. But it’s the synergy of data, CRM, and AI that will prove transformative for organizations aiming to drive customer-centric strategies. This combination empowers businesses to leverage insights, boost productivity, enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and drive customer-centric revenue growth.

Riva’s current and upcoming products embody the power of combining data, AI, and CRM.

“Our integrated solutions provide our clients with the customer data they need within the platforms they use every day,” says Zanoni. “More than that, they help customer-facing teams translate the power of data, CRM, and AI into practical and powerful actions—elevating the quality of customer engagement cadences to drive long-term satisfaction. Put simply, our solutions keep our clients above the noise.”

By unifying and improving customer data, providing AI-driven insights, and seamlessly integrating with CRM systems, Riva facilitates a holistic approach to customer engagement. Our solutions empower organizations to harness the full potential of customer data and AI, taking their CRM strategies to the next level.

A Brave New World Tour

As anticipated, World Tour NYC painted the latest perspective in an AI-influenced business landscape that continues to evolve. It also focused on how customer 360 remains a critical objective for an increasingly customer-centric marketplace in the near- and long-term future. A key difference at this event is the growing embrace of IT and revenue operations integration transformative catalysts for everything from predictive analytics, forecasting, and automation to improved worker digital experiences and productivity to a full Customer 360 reality.

At Riva, we are encouraged to learn that by working with our customers and focusing on what’s important to you, we are able to meet your requirements and expectations as they implement new AI-infused solutions. And based on customer feedback at Salesforce World Tour NYC, we are thrilled that our product development instincts and strategies are on target to provide you with brilliant digital experiences for your advisors, sales teams, to deliver a full and modern customer journey and experience. 

Summing up

As 2024 shifts into gear, we’re excited to share new product developments that will help you stay ahead of the competition! You can count on Riva to help you continue to grow and build the confidence and trust of your teams and customers by delivering on the promise of an AI-enhanced future – designed to meet your needs.  

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