Riva Sync 

Capture ALL your client meetings – including new ones! 

You don’t want to add noise into your CRM, which is why you skip syncing events without matching CRM contact. Riva now offers an option that resyncs (Exchange to CRM only) all appointments flagged for unmatched email contacts for a specified time range, on a one-time or recurring basis as defined by administrators. This gives sales teams and advisors enough time to properly enter new clients into CRM so their upcoming appointments get synced on the next cycle. 

Salesforce Education Cloud: Building on the Riva 2024.1 release, sync for the new Shift object of Salesforce Education Cloud is now supported for Microsoft/Exchange Web Services. 

Read more about Riva Sync 2024.2 here.  

Riva Cloud 

Riva Cloud Infrastructure Updates 

Updates to the Riva Cloud infrastructure are being made for the US region in the fall of 2024, which will result in a change of IP addresses used to sync your CRM and Mail Server. If your organization currently whitelists access to Riva Cloud for sync, reach out to Riva Success for the new IP addresses and more information. 

The Riva Cloud 2024.2 release focuses on making your user experience better through minor improvements and bug fixes. Read more here.  

Riva Insight 

There are no updates for Riva Insight in the 2024.2 release. Our team is working hard on preparing for the 2024.3 release this summer! Learn more about Riva Insight here

NEW! Riva Sales Engagement – Early Access 

Our team is excited to present our early access program for Riva Sales Engagement, which is here to help you optimize advisor and sales productivity and deliver brilliant digital experiences at scale.  

Empower your sales teams and advisors to automate their workflows, effortlessly schedule meetings, share personalized customer content, improve loyalty, and boost client lifetime value by optimizing every touch point along the customer journey. 

The latest features include the integration of Salesforce recipient lists and email templates, the ability to include images in email templates, bursts, and cadences, and more. Learn more about Sales Engagement here. If you’re interested, contact us today to find out more about the early access program. 

Riva Bookings 

There are no new updates for Riva Bookings in 2024.2 release. Learn more about our Riva Bookings features here