Riva is here to make CRM easier, smarter, and in line with industry and regulatory requirements. Our intelligent Sync is one way we deliver on that promise – by creating seamless real-time customer data flow between CRM, email, calendar, task, and contact applications at scale.

Our newest release is ready and delivers some key improvements!

What Is New

Support for Salesforce Financial Service Cloud Interactions

Riva is thrilled to be named a key technology partner in the newest Financial Services Cloud (FSC) innovations aimed at Corporate and Investment Banks. Riva automatically syncs calendar events created from Exchange/Outlook as both Salesforce Events and FSC Interactions objects, respecting the advanced data sharing rules required to stay in compliance. Your client data, especially material non-public information (MNPI) and confidential information, gets synced to Salesforce with respect to these industry regulations with zero impact on your employees or customers.

Three privacy levels are available for these calendar events:

  • Shared: the meeting and attendee details are available on both the Salesforce event and the FSC interaction.
  • Sensitive: the meeting and attendee details are available only on the FSC interaction, whereas the Salesforce event is privatized, meaning all the identifiable information (subject, account, attendee names, location) is showing as private (see screenshots below).
  • Restricted: both the Salesforce event and the FSC interaction are privatized.

Enhanced OAuth Connection through WebView2

Deployment: Riva On-Premise.

For our On-Premise admins, the OAuth connection setup to Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, and Microsoft Graph now supports WebView2 (Evergreen). This helps prevent any dependency on lack of support for Internet Explorer 11 and other browser versions. WebView2 allows better integrations with Salesforce and web add-on content to be compatible with other products, like Riva Insight.


Help Us Improve Riva Cloud!

Deployment: Riva Cloud.

An updated Feedback form is now available for Riva admins. Filling out and submitting your information creates a ticket in our internal system for development.

What Is Easier

Riva Insight Configuration: Meeting Notes   

Want to improve meetings in your enterprise? Riva does too. That is why we’ve added a note taking and automatic distribution feature to Insight. With this release, you’ll find a new feature in your admin interface under the Riva Insight tab – a one step process (switch for Cloud, check box for On-Premise) to turn on meeting notes for all Insight users.

Not an Insight customer? Learn more about our email sidebar and how it surfaces relationship potential.


Improved Logging Resiliency

Want to simplify auditing and deploying hot fixes? Now you can name your log files beforehand, so files have name consistency. In addition, when a Riva service stop is initiated, it will now stop before the Windows time limit for service commands is reached – even when logging mechanisms are unavailable.


Easier integration of Riva Cloud with Riva Insight Cloud  

Deployment: Riva Cloud.

Frustrated about the set-up of new users? Now, when you add a Salesforce user who doesn’t exist in Riva Cloud but logs into Riva Insight with Salesforce OAuth, the user is automatically added to your list of Riva Cloud users. (Details: the user gets tagged with InsightSignOn, which is not editable and cannot be impersonated. This feature requires a Riva Cloud sync policy configured to use the CRM gatherer or the email gatherer.)


Enhanced Sync Support and Configurations 

Contact Deactivation

The Riva Success Team can now configure Riva Sync to deactivate contacts in Dynamics CRM, instead of deleting them, in the following situations:

  • When syncing a deleted contact from Exchange
  • When syncing a contact flagged as private from Exchange

Re-initialization enhancement

Deployment: Riva Cloud (limited), Riva On-Premise.

Help clean up user inboxes and address books in a more consistent way. The Riva Success Team can now set up your Riva Sync connection to automatically delete empty Riva-created Address Book subfolders through Clear or Full re-initialization options.

(Re-initialization is fully available for Riva On-Premise and limited for Riva Cloud. Please contact the Riva Success Team for more information.)

Improve sync performance

Now you can configure Riva not to sync updates made to meetings that exceed a specified number of attendees, with the option to consider all attendees, CRM users only (internal), or contacts only (external).

Enhanced support for custom modules

The support for custom modules in a sync policy has been extended from 10 to 20 modules.

What We Fixed

Salesforce calendar sync with Google

Use Case: A recurring series of appointments is created in Google and synced to Salesforce. If that series was updated in Salesforce, it could not be synced back to Google.
The issue originated from the sync policy configuration to impersonate the syncing users, because the system attempted to sync a mailbox directly instead of through using impersonation. This has now been fixed and the sync process uses impersonation.


Office 365 Contact Sync Error   

In the OAuth connection, the service proxy was not set properly for the service client and led to an error when syncing contacts. Now, the service proxy is set properly for the service client.


OAuth tokens not refreshing after expiration

When a token expires, clicking Validate OAuth token in the CRM Connection Edit window now works and does not lead to a time stamp error.


Data Sync During Blackout times

Riva maintenance tasks that include the use of a re-initialization option will no longer trigger a sync, ensuring that blackouts stay blacked-out.

Where You Can Learn More

Visit our knowledge base to check out all the details, view screenshots and understand who is affected.


(Unless specified, all the features listed above apply to all CRM and Email platforms supported by Riva and for all deployment options.)