How Smart Enterprises Increase Sales Productivity with AI and by Streamlining Your Technology

Forward-thinking enterprises are navigating the evolving market landscape by embracing digital transformation, customer 360, and AI to enhance sales productivity and provide their teams with technologies to work smarter. Faced with elevated customer expectations, longer sales cycles, and intense competition, these organizations recognize the importance of operational efficiency and AI-enhanced automation.

The changes in customer expectations, fierce competition, and longer sales cycles are increasing the need for operational efficiency, AI-enhanced automation, and overall sales productivity. As a result,  many forward-thinking enterprises are leaning on digital transformation initiatives and working diligently to support customer-facing teams in their efforts to maintain and grow deep, strong person-to-person relationships with current and prospective customers.

Investing in technology and automation is imperative for your enterprise’s operations and profitability. That’s why enterprises are taking measured, thoughtful steps to improve data quality through automated, AI-enhanced revenue operations integration. This way, they can help customer-facing teams in their efforts to boost sales productivity and increase the time and focus available for customer engagement.

4 Steps for Enterprises to Increase Sales Productivity 

Step 1: Streamline Your Tech Stack to Maximize Efficiency 

In the fast-paced landscape of evolving customer expectations and technological advancements, companies are compelled to prioritize operational efficiency and embrace digital transformation. To effectively streamline operations and enhance sales productivity, it is crucial to maintain and upgrade systems strategically and look for ways to streamline the number of systems in the tech stack. Continually evaluating the changing needs of your organization and staying on top of system enhancements and new solutions from your vendors will help you identify opportunities for streamlining, and make sure you are optimizing the utilization of your existing tools in the process.

Efficiently managing existing systems lays the foundation for a more productive and agile enterprise, ready to harness the power of AI for optimal sales outcomes.

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Step 2: Harness AI for Efficient Automation 

AI is a game-changer in processing data swiftly, accurately, and effectively. With AI-enhanced revenue operations technologies, your sales teams enter customer data once in their preferred platform, such as email or calendars and systems integrations and AI take the reins in unifying, governing, and curating that data enterprise-wide for complete customer 360. 

Efficiency unfolds on two fronts. Firstly, AI’s ability to “scrape” relevant customer, activity and engagement data expedites the process, and the right sync ensures that all teams have immediate access to pertinent details. AI-driven enhancements significantly reduce manual tasks, minimizing the risk of errors and duplications while enabling sales teams to focus on productive engagements.

Looking towards the future, the integration of AI with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is pivotal. AI ensures data quality and builds the complete customer 360, while becoming the driving force behind effective customer engagement, recommending actions and providing personalization at scale. The future landscape of CRM is shaped by AI’s role in transforming data into actionable intelligence.  

This strategic integration positions enterprise at the forefront of a data-driven era, where AI becomes the linchpin for optimal automation, insightful decision-making, and fostering enduring customer relationships. 

In a Riva-commissioned study, Forrester Consulting modeled a composite corporation to measure the impacts of Riva’s revenue operations solution over a three-year period. The results were remarkable—reflecting the transformative potential enterprises can realize by implementing and embracing revenue operations.

Riva ROI

The study demonstrated: 

  • 352% ROI 
  • 6-Month Return 
  • 5% faster to close deals 
  • ·$5.84 Million NPV 
  • $3.7M Time Savings on Calendar/Email Sync 
  • $3.4M Profit Increase due to productivity lift 
  • $412.2K Time savings through elimination of double-booking errors 

Learn more about the study: Riva’s Total Economic Impact™: A Commissioned Study by Forrester Consulting

Step 3: Unify Data and Eliminate Silos with Intelligent Sync for Complete Customer 360 

In the pursuit of heightened sales productivity, the primary objective is to seamlessly unify data and eliminate silos within an enterprise to ensure trusted customer data is available. This is achieved through an intelligent sync approach that prioritizes signals over noise, delivers real-time data where it’s needed, uncovers secure data only to people with the right access level, and provides a unified view of customer 360 information. 

Intelligent sync doesn’t just eliminate data silos; it ensures that the data ecosystem continuously evolves, adapting to the dynamic needs of the enterprise. This strategic synchronization empowers sales teams with the clarity and depth of information necessary for making informed decisions and fostering enduring customer relationships. 

Collaboration with revenue operations teams remains integral. These teams, well-versed in enhancing data quality, play a central role in implementing intelligent sync. Together, they strive to guarantee that the data remains accurate, consistent, and relevant, ensuring comprehensive insights for sales teams.

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Step 4: Elevate Sales Success and Personalize Customer Experiences 

The last crucial step revolves around elevating sales enablement to achieve not only enhanced productivity but also enhanced customer experience. Sales enablement goes beyond just providing tools; it’s about empowering your teams with the right resources, knowledge, information, and strategies to excel in their interactions with customers and prospects, and removing the friction and manual steps from the process. 

The right tools increase productivity and save time by allowing sales to work in their email client while easily viewing all contact and account CRM data, organizing their day, sending automated meeting links, orchestrating engagements at scale and viewing customer engagement. Sales teams continue using familiar tools without encountering a steep learning curve, improving the adoption of existing comms and CRM systems. 

Also consider, implementing a centralized platform for sales enablement can streamline the onboarding process for new team members, ensuring a quicker ramp-up to full productivity. 

Elevating sales enablement contributes directly to enhanced customer experience, overall customer lifetime value, and revenue. Informed, well-prepared sales teams can deliver personalized and insightful interactions, addressing customer needs more effectively. The result is not just a transaction but a meaningful engagement that builds trust and loyalty. By intertwining sales enablement with your overall strategy, you position your enterprise for sustained success in an ever-evolving marketplace.

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The ultimate benefits of optimizing your business processes to create more efficiency include increasing sales productivity, a better overall staff experience, and an elevated customer experience. Streamlining your technology, embracing AI-enhanced automation, unifying data with intelligent sync, and leveraging AI for a comprehensive customer 360 view through CRM are not just steps; they represent a strategic roadmap for forward-thinking enterprises.

Your commitment to operational excellence and customer engagement is the key to staying ahead in the competitive landscape. By embracing these strategies, implementing AI-enhanced solutions, and guiding your team towards increased sales productivity and elevated customer experiences, you position your organization to thrive in the digital transformation era.

In the journey towards operational and digital excellence, Riva stands out as the leading partner to improve sales productivity, supercharge customer experience, and enable trusted, secure customer 360 data. By committing to unify and govern the accuracy, consistency, and relevance of data, Riva ensures that AI tools become a driving force rather than a hindrance to enterprise goals.

Learn more about Riva and how it can help your organization.

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