Riva Makes CRM Easier

We create seamless data flow between applications like email, calendar, contacts, and tasks and CRM – synchronizing relationship data and eliminating the need for task switching, application toggling, and data entry duplication across platforms.

Riva Makes CRM Smarter

Our intelligent sync brings real-time access to relevant data, putting meaningful details at your team’s fingertips so each customer interaction matters. Smarter exchanges pave the way for greater efficiency, shorter sales cycles, and improved relationships.

Riva Makes CRM Better - In Regulated Industries

We have an unbroken streak of more than 1100 successful security reviews - demonstrating our commitment to preserving our clients’ reputations and their customers’ privacy. Riva solutions exceed standards for security and regulatory compliance.

At work, we live in our calendars and inboxes. These applications collect information about the relationships that drive business success. When data about customer needs and expectations gets trapped, everyone loses.

Off-the-shelf solutions often have difficulty meeting enterprise security, scalability, and compliance requirements.

Our Relationship Engine conditions, curates, and synchronizes customer data so that it gets placed into the right context – whether that is a long term relationship, a busy inbox or calendar application, or a complex multi-platform enterprise environment.

Trusted by Security and Compliance Minded Enterprises Across the Globe


Evaluating Vendors? Our Checklist Will Help.

While selecting a CRM sync solution may sound simple, there is much to consider. Download this free guide to make sure you are framing the search by asking all of the questions that matter.

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