Salesforce EAC Alternative: Riva Activity Capture

Why Riva Brings an Unfair Advantage to Your CRM Data Integration

Does your company use Salesforce CRM? Then this data integration comparison between Einstein Activity Capture (EAC) and our solution is for you. While both options provide basic data integration functions between Salesforce and Outlook, Riva Activity Capture complements—or replaces—EAC by allowing trusted, highly scalable and configurable access to customer data when and where it’s needed. Read on and learn where EAC reaches its limits and Riva soars. 

The Best Salesforce, Email, and Calendar Integration

Riva has solved integration challenges for hundreds of enterprises like yours over the last 12 years. With proven expertise of handling complex processes and data handling, ability to capture data at scale in real-time, and ironclad security, privacy, and compliance, trust Riva to bring Salesforce, email, calendar, task, and contacts platforms together.

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Why Choose Riva

Riva goes beyond the basics and delivers an enterprise-grade relationship platform designed to stand up to stringent regulated industries’ requirements.

Highly configurable and customizable

Unlike Salesforce EAC, Riva succeeds when clients require different, complex levels of data access, storage, or custom field and object mapping for their sophisticated business rules and sales processes.

Real-time, bi-directional calendar sync at scale

Unlike Salesforce EAC, Riva Activity Capture creates real-time, bi-directional customer data flow between apps at scale, eliminating calendar inaccuracies and double bookings, with proven enterprise-grade deployments.

Ironclad data security and compliance

Riva has over a decade of experience with regulated industries, including 200+ blue chip enterprises in financial services. Riva meets the strictest data governance requirements, keeps you compliant with infosec requirements and industry regulations, and makes sure your sensitive data like Material Non-Public Information (MNPI) is always secure and protected. With Riva you can rest assured that your data is in safe hands.

Proven experience as an enterprise-grade solution

Rest assured that we understand your needs and are here to help you solve them, seamlessly, from initial contact to deployment and ongoing support. Unlike the many creations and retirements of Salesforce solutions, leaving hundreds of organizations in need of migrating their services, Riva has continuously been supporting our clients with our sync solution.

Industry Recognition

Seamlessly Connect Salesforce CRM and Inbox

Whichever solution you choose, there are also the basics your organization can’t compromise on.

Calendar Integration and Meeting Capture

Streamline scheduling, enhance communication and collaboration, and improve productivity within the organization by syncing calendars in real-time – at scale. Integrating the data into Salesforce reports delivers data-driven insights teams can easily action on, ultimately contributing to organizational success.

Email Activity Capture

Effectively track and relate emails to the proper CRM objects – including custom ones. Analyze email customer interactions, gain better insights into communication patterns, and improve employee productivity to amplify customer lifetime value, while ensuring compliance with regulations and internal policies. 

Salesforce and Outlook email sync

Contact and Lead Integration

Centralize customers and leads data into a comprehensive 360 view, optimize the sales process, and enhance communication, collaboration, and decision-making throughout the organization, ultimately driving business growth.

Salesforce Outlook contact and lead sync
What Our Customers are Saying
"With Riva, we now provide a client experience that keeps us highly competitive. Our wealth managers have an up-to-date history of prospect and client interactions and activities - eliminating confusion between team members and making the client experience seamless. Riva went above and beyond."
Head of Investment Banking & CRM Technologies
Top North American Financial Services Organization
What Our Customers are Saying
Like many institutions our size, we have a complex tech stack with both on-premises and cloud-based applications. We need our sync solution to easily manage our over 1.5M appointments each month, be effortlessly scalable and secure. We couldn’t afford to disrupt the way our advisors work. Riva is the only solution for us.
Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer
Third largest US-based insurance company
What Our Customers are Saying
Riva is such an elegant, smart solution. The off-the-shelf connectors we tried couldn’t meet our stability, security, and scalability needs. Riva does. It unites our complex applications – without adding complexity. It saves everyone from our Salesforce admin to our advisors hundreds of hours a year.
Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation
“Signature” Insurance and Investment Firm
What Our Customers are Saying
“One of the key reasons we selected Riva was for [its] ability to scale across large numbers of users within our consumer bank as well as large populations of users across other related business units.”
Program Manager, CRM Strategy
Global Investment Bank with 70 Offices in 15 Countries
What Our Customers are Saying
Riva has helped us mitigate the risk of losing the trust of our valuable high net-worth clients. 35,000 of our bankers and wealth managers no longer need to waste time toggling between systems. Instead, they are able to focus on providing our clients with stellar customer experience and a very personalized customer journey at every touchpoint with our organization.
Program Manager, CRM
US Multinational Investment Bank
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