As a leading provider of enterprise-level RevOps data integration, the Riva team is proud to announce recognition by G2 Reviews—marked by 16 badges across five categories. These badges serve as a testament to the power of our solutions to unify customer and employee activity and interaction data, provide a fuller customer 360 view, amplify productivity, and accelerate revenues—creating outstanding digital experiences for our clients, their teams, and the customers they serve.  

We are proud to share some of our customers’ most impactful G2 reviews by highlighting each badge category and demonstrating the value we bring to our customers.

Best Usability

At Riva, we design our solutions to exceed enterprise customer expectations, data security and privacy requirements, scalability, and usability. Intuitive and unified user experiences that integrate seamlessly with CRM and communications platforms give our customers an unfair competitive advantage in supporting seamless business flow automation. The Best Usability badge is awarded based on various factors: customer satisfaction, ease of use, ease of administration of our products, and the high percentage of user adoption.  

  • “Riva is easy to configure, leveraging token-based authentication for the integration, and a custom role for limited permissions.” – Verified User in Computer Software 
  • “The software is very flexible and well-integrated with G Suite… They helped me a lot with the initial configuration and troubleshooting during tests.” – Mattia C., Cloud Specialist 

Providing intuitive, integrated, and user-friendly solutions that align with the business flows of financial services customers is key to amplifying user satisfaction, adoption, and productivity.

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Smooth and Efficient Implementation

How important is speed to value and a smooth and efficient implementation process for our customers? The Most Implementable badge acknowledges companies that get it right! We’ve designed an integrated experience that seamlessly multiplies the power of the platforms, data, across the different user types our solutions support. This badge recognizes our commitment to delivering products that are easy to set up and implement for administrators, managers, and end-users, with the fastest time-to-go live. Factors considered for this badge include customer satisfaction with the set-up process, time required for the product to go live, and user adoption and satisfaction percentages.

  • “Riva has many advanced features that you may not see on the surface. The support team is able to assist with any customized functionality.” – Verified User in Building Materials
  • “Riva automates everything and is a best-in-class solution!” – Verified User in Financial Services
  • One of the driving forces behind Riva’s selection is our focus on simplifying implementation for our customers so they can start to immediately benefit from Riva.

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Best Results

Our ultimate goal is to provide fully-integrated solutions that unify the platforms and data our customers use—and help them achieve exceptional results that amplify the effort and work they already do. This badge acknowledges the high level of satisfaction reported by G2 users in terms of ease of doing business with us, the quality of support provided, and their likelihood to recommend our solutions – the ultimate determiner of success. Additionally, the number of reviews received on G2 contributes to this badge, emphasizing the trust that buyers place in our solutions. 

  • “Riva helps TD meet the bank standards for data loss prevention for Outlook integration without compromising on end users’ productivity.” – Verified User in Banking
  • “Faster access to crucial information. It has made my work easier and in an organized way and saves a lot of time. Improved order, inventory and quote management and so many things.” – Verified User in Computer Software
  • “Riva seamlessly connects CRM to Outlook… provides a complete 360 view of the customer’s current situation and recent touchpoints.” – Cameron H., Director of Customer Success

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Easiest to Do Business With

Ensuring seamless and hassle-free integration and intuitive and aligned user experiences are core of our business philosophy. This badge recognizes our customers’ positive feedback on the ease of doing business with Riva International. Factors considered for this badge include customers’ reported ease of doing business with us, their satisfaction with the quality of support received, their likelihood to recommend our products, and the number of reviews we have received on G2.

  • “The customer service team is fantastic. They are very quick to respond and resolve any issues that you may have.” – Verified User in Higher Education
  • “The team had knowledge of fields in our CRM system which helped when we were trying to create our integration to our Marketing automation platform.” – Verified User in Consumer Goods
  • “Riva has been a great partner to work with. Nothing much to dislike about Riva.” – Verified User in Financial Services

One of Riva’s core values is to provide customer delight and this badge highlights our dedication to exceptional customer service.

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Best Estimated ROI

Our customers understand the importance of receiving tangible value for their investments. Riva delivers! This badge is awarded based on customers’ estimated ROI in a 12- to 18-month period, their likelihood to recommend our products, and the number of reviews received on G2.

  • “Riva is the best all-in-one (single vendor) solution… recommended now at the global level; Ease of use; EXCELLENT Customer Service; Modern and cutting-edge.” – Verified User in Building Materials
  • “It has made my work easier and in an organized way and saves a lot of time. Improved order, inventory, and quote management and so many things.” (Verified User in Computer Software)
  • “The benefits are not only being able to access information about client meetings but also meet the needs of our consultants when they are on the road and working remotely.” – Verified User in Management Consulting

This recognition reaffirms our commitment to delivering products that yield a strong return on investment for our customers.

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High Performer

Our High Performer badge further exemplifies our dedication to excellence and exceeding expectations – at enterprise scale. So that’s what we do, for customers with 50 to 50,000+ users—with everything from integration and usability to end-user adoption and productivity. This badge consolidates the scores from all the enterprise-level scores mentioned above, showcasing our consistent commitment to providing top-notch solutions across various categories. 

  • “Riva has the best email syncing capability… All-in-one with the most up-to-date technology.” – Verified User in Food & Beverages 
  • “Riva is a good product which has improved over the years… the support and engineering team were very quick in addressing those for us.” – Verified User in Information Technology and Services 

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Final words

These customer reviews truly capture the essence of our achievements and the value our customers receive from our solutions. We sincerely thank our customers for their valuable feedback and their trust in our solutions. 

At Riva International, we remain committed to delivering exceptional products and services and constantly exceeding customer expectations. Our G2 Reviews badges are a testament to our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and our position as a leader in the industry. 

Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to innovate, enhance user experiences, and drive success for our customers. Learn more about Riva.

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