Riva is here to make CRM easier, smarter, and in line with industry and regulatory requirements. Our intelligent Sync is one way we deliver on that promise – by creating seamless near real-time customer data flow between CRM, email, calendar, task, and contact applications at scale.  Our newest release is ready for release on January 19, 2022 and delivers some key improvements! 

What Is New

New Year, Better Riva Cloud Experience  

Deployment: Riva Cloud

Managing your Riva Cloud account has never been easier! With its consolidated side navigation user interface, you can quickly see and access all important capabilities from any webpage. Additional options that were previously in a separate navigation can now be accessed from the dropdown. 

Empower your FSC Users with Bi-directional Interaction Sync  

Now your advisors can efficiently manage their customer interactions anywhere, be it in Outlook or Salesforce. Starting with Riva Sync 2022.1, Riva offers bi-directional sync for FSC interactions – meaning interactions created in Salesforce will now appear as Appointments in Outlook, just as Appointments created in Outlook appear in Salesforce as interactions. With this release, customer data gets to the right workflow in either platform. 

Curious about Microsoft Graph?

Deployment: On-Prem

Over the past years, Microsoft has been developing Microsoft Graph API to have access to rich data available in Microsoft 365, leading to a stop for EWS API active development and the announcement of a phased deprecation of EWS APIs. We are closely monitoring the progress, as there is no parity between EWS and Graph today. We currently offer support for unidirectional calendar sync and are actively working on additional capabilities. If you’re interested to try it out, or would like to let us know your thoughts, possible concerns, and where you are in your Graph journey, start a conversation with our Riva bot today. 

What Is Easier

Renaming a Mailbox? Your Sync Policy Will Follow! 

We know customers like you look for easier processes and reduced syncing downtime following a mailbox rename. Riva can now detect when a user email address change, automatically update the sync policy with the new mailbox, and remove the old one. You no longer need to reach out and wait on our team to manually do this process. 

What We Fixed

Redundancy Issue Addressed with Email Addresses in cc or bcc

Email addresses located in ‘cc’ or ‘bcc’ fields are now synced to the appropriate fields in Salesforce, preventing them being added to the ‘to’ field and synced twice. 

Where You Can Learn More

If you’re interested in any of these new capabilities, please contact the Riva Success Team. 

Visit our knowledge base to learn more, get the details from our screenshots and accompanying deep dives on each feature and configuration, and understand who is affected. 

Riva On-Premise 2022.1 on KB 
Riva Cloud 2022.1 on KB  

(Unless specified, all the features listed above apply to all CRM and Email platforms supported by Riva and for all deployment options.)