Each day the software that supports your team is generating gold - activity data that is filled with signals about customer needs and value. That data then feeds your software the information needed to engage customers, accelerate deals, and plan for the future.

But, what if the data that you are storing is incomplete, or not making it into your analytics packages? How can your team be successful?

Eliminate Data Gaps to Get the Full Story

Unfortunately, this is the situation that many organizations find themselves in when relying upon Salesforce’s native connector, Einstein Activity Capture (EAC). In fact, EAC does not even send email activity data from other applications into its own out-of-the-box activity reporting. That’s where our stress-free starter kit comes in.

Your Solution to Customer Data Operations Challenges

For over 12 years, Riva has specialized in getting information into CRM and back out into the communications applications that Go-To-Market teams use most. Riva’s Revenue Data Ops Engine captures customer and activity data between platforms and applies metadata to unify it for storage and use across the software applications your team uses most.

Riva for Activity Analytics brings you:

  • Powerful solution, simple to deploy and manage
  • Unified, cross-platform data that automatically appears in Salesforce Activity reports
  • Enhanced trust in completeness of CRM data
  • Improved end-user and team productivity
  • Signature booking link to remove friction from meeting scheduling

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Riva for Activity Analytics

Stress-Free Starter Kit

Clean, simple, and focused on essential rev ops functionality, Riva for Activity Analytics gives growing companies the tools they need to enter the rev ops revolution—and leverage the power of trustworthy customer data.

Data Capture

Basic Sync
Calendar, Contact, Email, & Leads sync. Advanced curation features to ensure only useful data is stored.

Rev Ops Sidebar

Not Available
A single pane of glass into customer data for Go-to-Market teams. Increases productivity and improves data quality.

Integrated Bookings

Signature Link Only
Robust bookings features with multiple availability links, internal participant availability, delegate support and more!

Deployment Method

Secure pass-through architecture in multi-tenant cloud.

Customer 360°

180 days of activity data visible in out-of-the box CRM reports at launch – and it builds from there.

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