How does Riva Bookings reduce booking friction? 

With Riva Bookings, users can create numerous booking links that are accessible from the dashboard. These links never expire, and users can create unlimited booking links for their purposes. 

While creating a booking link, users have the power to configure the links according to their needs!  

1. They can add context for the meeting by adding a title and description for the meeting 

2. Provide alternative options to customers to choose from, which better aligns with their needs. This includes choosing alternation options for location and meeting duration.

3. Take control of their calendar to focus on deep work and create custom availability for meetings.

4. Utilize meeting best practices to run efficient meetings and have better visibility on your calendar.


b. Utilize pre and post buffer time to ensure users have time to log notes in CRM, review customer data from CRM to be better prepared for a meeting. 

c. Organize your booking links to require scheduling approval.  

d. Organize you calendar to display invitee name to and to showcase the first slot per day so as to get sequentially booked by customers.  

e. Override calendar appointments to be available to take customer meetings 

f. Add custom questions to availability links, allowing users to collect valuable information from their customers. By tailoring questions to specific needs, businesses can streamline their operations, improve customer satisfaction, and gain insights into their target market. Custom questions also enable users to personalize the booking experience, increasing engagement and driving sales.

5. When booked, meeting invitation is automatically created in calendar with all details. If online meeting options such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams was selected, the meeting link is automatically included on the invite.  

Riva Bookings also provides powerful capability of multi-stakeholder meetings and delegate host support.  

1. While creating a booking link, user can add additional internal attendee as required or optional. 

a. With Required Attendees, Riva scans the calendar to find available time slots across the calendars.

b. For Optional Attendees, Riva does not factor in their availability and are included on meeting invites as just in case.

c. After a meeting, when a user logs their meeting notes using Riva Insight, the note gets distributed to all required & optional internal attendees ensuring no one is missed from the communication. 


2. While creating a booking link, a user can also delegate a meeting to another user. 

a. With delegating a meeting to a different user, assistants or co-workers can support in sending and scheduling booking links.  

b. The meeting is created on the host’s calendar along with internal attendees identified.  


Single-use Links

With Single-use links, users can create a unique link for each booking, ensuring that only the intended timeslots are available to meet. This reduces the risk of sending open calendar availability and double bookings, giving users peace of mind.

Riva Bookings Single-use links can support multi-stakeholder meeting and provides a unified calendar view to pick the best timeslots that work at all internal required attendees.

Riva Bookings include a dedicated Signature Link, which can be added to email signatures so that users are accessible for their customers. Signatures booking links does not have additional attendees, can have availability adjusted and functions as one-on-one meetings.

Using Riva Insight, users can insert their booking links directly in the email. Along with that, Riva will recommend smart suggested times based on the calendar availability.  

For customer or recipient using the link to book a time, they have the option of choosing a preferred date and time, add personal information, and the meeting is booked. Meeting details and attendee information is displayed on this view.   

All meeting invitations include the option of rescheduling or cancelling a meeting.

Riva Bookings branding can be updated based on organizational brand identity guides. User onboarding is easy and can be done individually or using a distribution list from Microsoft. To know more about set-up and configuring permissions, click here

Riva Bookings Is Available With Our Bundle Solutions!

All capabilities outlined above, including custom branding, user management.

All capabilities outlined above and support for hybrid deployments.

Signature Link with default branding.

- Includes reschedule & cancel workflows and meeting best practice options for signature links.

- Supports custom availability for signature links.