Your data is everywhere, and that's part of the problem. Siloed data becomes an even bigger problem when you are in a regulated industry and need to make sure that it adheres to your data governance rules.

So, how do you orchestrate your people, processes, and technology to deliver trusted, compliant, and ready-to-use data to all the systems and people who require it?

Riva Delivers Data Governance at Scale

For the last 12 years, Riva has been helping enterprises in regulated industries manage the data coming from the explosion of applications across the revenue and communications stacks. Riva Revenue Data Ops Engine brings IT/ Ops teams the tools they need to increase the velocity, reliability, and quality of deal and customer data at scale. It is the only solution with granular governance features that dictate the storage, access, and flows of data actively used by over 200 blue-chip financial services institutions worldwide.

When partners from your Analytics, Go-To-Market and Line of Business teams have access to the right customer data at the right time, the positive impacts are immediate—and profound. Data trust grows, productivity improves, and revenue growth follows suit.

Riva for Data Compliance

This pass-through revenue data solution delivers on stringent information security and regulatory requirements while it empowers IT/Ops teams to increase data use and trust.

Riva for Data Compliance brings you:

  • Proven data model built to integrate and unify customer, event, and deal data
  • Advanced admin features for compliant data management including data filtering and classification, as well as permission-based flows
  • Riva Insight rev ops sidebar connecting CRM and Comms platforms that serves as a continuous improvement feedback loop for end-users
  • Dynamic prompts to engage end-users in data governance and data quality activities
  • Fully-integrated, sophisticated booking solution to remove calendaring friction (with custom security disclaimers).

Toolkit Essentials

Your customer and deal data needs to be unified between your system of action and your system of record. Riva delivers powerful automations in the background to make that happen and a sidebar UX connects the two - to deliver data trust and transform customer lifetime value.

Riva Sync

Our pass-through architecture integrates customer and deal data behind the scenes to connect your system of action to your system of record.

Riva Insight

Riva Insight brings CRM into Outlook and combines human intelligence and automation to create data trust.

Riva Bookings

Hate the process of scheduling a meeting? Riva Insight rev ops sidebar has a powerful bookings feature built to spec for our most demanding enterprise clients.

Riva for Data Compliance

Data Ops Essentials for Regulated Industries

When reputation and compliance are on the line, there’s no room for error. Riva for Data Compliance eliminates risk and has full power of Riva revenue data ops platform—distributing unified, governed and trusted customer data exclusively where it needs to go.

Riva Sync

Automated data capture that provides advanced curation & admin features to ensure sensitive data is not shared and only useful data is stored.

Riva Insight

Go-to-Market teams help to keep you compliant by assigning privacy and access levels through Riva single pane of glass.

Riva Bookings

Secure options for replying our bookings features with multiple availability links, internal participant availability, delegate support, and more!

Deployment Method

Single-tenant cloud or on-premise to keep your data private, secure, and in compliance.

Customer 360°

365 days of high-quality activity data visible in out-of-the box CRM reports at launch – and it builds from there.
What Our Customers are Saying
"With Riva, we now provide a client experience that keeps us highly competitive. Our wealth managers have an up-to-date history of prospect and client interactions and activities - eliminating confusion between team members and making the client experience seamless. Riva went above and beyond."
Head of Investment Banking & CRM Technologies
Top North American Financial Services Organization
What Our Customers are Saying
Like many institutions our size, we have a complex tech stack with both on-premises and cloud-based applications. We need our sync solution to easily manage our over 1.5M appointments each month, be effortlessly scalable and secure. We couldn’t afford to disrupt the way our advisors work. Riva is the only solution for us.
Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer
Third largest US-based insurance company
What Our Customers are Saying
Riva is such an elegant, smart solution. The off-the-shelf connectors we tried couldn’t meet our stability, security, and scalability needs. Riva does. It unites our complex applications – without adding complexity. It saves everyone from our Salesforce admin to our advisors hundreds of hours a year.
Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation
“Signature” Insurance and Investment Firm
What Our Customers are Saying
“One of the key reasons we selected Riva was for [its] ability to scale across large numbers of users within our consumer bank as well as large populations of users across other related business units.”
Program Manager, CRM Strategy
Global Investment Bank with 70 Offices in 15 Countries
What Our Customers are Saying
Riva has helped us mitigate the risk of losing the trust of our valuable high net-worth clients. 35,000 of our bankers and wealth managers no longer need to waste time toggling between systems. Instead, they are able to focus on providing our clients with stellar customer experience and a very personalized customer journey at every touchpoint with our organization. Riva helps the email piece be part of [the] whole 360. Without Riva, you can’t get a complete picture. You don’t have that information in CRM; you’re missing a piece of it. You’re not realizing that potential.
Program Manager, CRM
US Multinational Investment Bank

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