In an era where all eyes are—or should be—focused on customer experience, the pursuit of enterprise-wide customer 360 is front and center. For financial services, business services, and manufacturing enterprises of all shapes and sizes, that pursuit centers on leveraging vast quantities of customer data captured every day—and on unifying, governing, curating, and distributing the right data by separating the signal from the noise.

For most enterprises, CRM is designated as the single source of truth for customer data—and the central touchpoint customer-facing teams rely on for accurate, current customer histories. And while CRMs like Salesforce offer revenue operations data integration solutions, they’re often too basic to serve the complex needs of fast-moving enterprise users. That’s why so many organizations implement AI-enhanced solutions like Riva to unify, govern, curate, and distribute customer history data, providing permission-based access for customer-facing teams to grow customer relationships and build customer lifetime value.

As your organization seeks revenue operations technologies and specialists to harness vast—and constantly growing—volumes of customer data, it’s critical to know what to look for in the increasingly critical pursuit of true, real-time customer 360. Through the use of AI, solutions like Riva can set your organization up for success—while providing in-depth data analysis that fuels the predictive capacity necessary not only to meet customer needs but to anticipate them.

What Does Your Organization Need?

With very few exceptions, today’s enterprises need an integrated revenue operations solution that can unify, govern, curate, and distribute customer data. All too often, this data is siloed by disconnected business units and CRM instances, and by a growing number of communications applications and platforms where they’re gathered and stored.

The right solution will replace data integration and synchronization gaps with complete data harmonization—allowing you to control and massage data to align with your business processes, meet your sales operations needs, and improve your customers’ journeys.

Here’s What to Look For in Your Journey to Customer 360

1. AI-Enhanced Security and Support for Multiple CRM Instances

Meeting increased data privacy, compliance, and security requirements isn’t negotiable: it’s essential. That’s why it’s critical to seek and implement a revenue operations data integration solution that limits system access and data visibility to only those users with clearly-defined authority.

If your company has multiple instances of CRM for different business units and/or multiple communications platforms (including email, calendar, contacts, and tasks), choosing a solution that will unify, govern, and curate the delivery of customer data from and between all these systems is mission-critical for security, compliance, transparency—and peace of mind.

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2. Differentiate Signal Over Noise to Get the Right Data to the Right Users

It’s one thing to deliver customer data to the customer-facing teams that need it. It’s another thing altogether to make sure those end-users are getting the right information at the right time. The right revenue operations data integration solution is designed to satisfy that objective by differentiating signal—the right customer data—over the noise.

With its fully integrated design, Riva places relevant, complete, high-quality customer journey data within the communications platforms they use every day. This seamless, streamlined resource then helps customer-facing teams to build stronger customer relationships, serve as customer advisors and advocates, increase productivity, and grow customer retention and lifetime value.

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3. Full Support for Multiple Data Loss, Encryption, and Regulatory Compliance Strategies

Your ideal integration solution should support industry-specific, state-of-the-art encryption, data security, and regulatory compliance protocols essential to protect your business—and the customers whose data you’ve gathered and promised to protect.

Watch this episode of our Rev-Tech Revolution podcast, where Azret Deljanin, VP of Infrastructure and Security at Yieldstreet who is responsible for protecting some of the world’s most sensitive data, shares insights on AI’s rising role in security and compliance, strategies for keeping sensitive data secure.

From real-time encryption and end-point strategies to data use and ongoing regulatory compliance requirements, the right revenue operations solution addresses these concerns around the clock, reducing the risk of data breach and compliance issues.  It should also support integration with the leading enterprise data loss prevention (DLP) applications so you can ensure proper data governance and protection.

4. Limited Infrastructure Disruption

The last thing any business needs is a solution that requires major changes and disruptions to core systems. That’s why it’s critical to choose an easily implemented revenue operations solution—like Riva—that promises minimal disruption to your existing infrastructure and business processes.

With hundreds of successful implementations to its credit, the Riva team fully appreciates the importance of a smooth, planful, and seamless integration process. We work closely with our partners before, during, and after implementation to verify configuration requirements—whether the deployment is public cloud, private cloud, or on-prem—and we remain in close for the duration of the relationship. Your productivity and peace of mind is always at front-of-mind.

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5. No Plugins or Mobile Apps to Install

In today’s busy, often remote business environment, seamless mobile integration is a business necessity. That’s why it’s essential for your revenue operations solution to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems—ensuring its reliability, availability, and usability from all points of access.

That’s why Riva’s solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with the email and CRM applications your users rely on every day—without the need for new applications that carry steep learning curves and put adoption at risk. Riva’s solutions perform seamlessly behind the scenes, integrating with the platforms your end-users rely on to capture and leverage mission-critical customer data—boosting productivity and driving revenue growth.

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6. Smart, Straightforward, High-Productivity Calendaring

Your customer-facing teams live and breathe by their calendars—for both internal and external scheduling. Technologies like Riva Bookings streamline the calendaring process, eliminating the back-and-forth commonly associated with multi-party scheduling while allowing clear visibility into all meetings and materials relevant to each customer’s history.

Screenshot: Riva Bookings

But effective, reliable calendaring is more than a means to ensure timely, well-attended meetings and clear activity histories: it’s a critical factor in preserving customer data quality, sustaining accurate, timely customer 360, and bolstering both end-user and customer confidence in the enterprise by providing real-time access to the client intelligence necessary to serve and anticipate customer needs.

Learn more about Riva Bookings: Better Bookings: Making the Case for Smarter Calendar Scheduling

7. Feature-Rich Revenue Operations Data Integration

Riva’s AI-enhanced sync gives your customer-facing teams the power to seamlessly and reliably unify, govern, and curate relevant CRM contacts, calendars, tasks, emails, opportunities, cases, custom fields, custom objects, custom categories, and other data between their single-source-of-truth CRM and the communications platforms and applications (think email, calendaring, contacts, and tasks) where customer data is gathered and used.

When you consider your organization’s highest priorities for the coming year, trustworthy customer 360 is certain to play an essential role. Riva’s integrated solutions accelerate the journey to true customer 360 by improving the quality of customer data analytics—and informing predictions on what customers are likely to need and want in the future.

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8. Ai-Improved CRM Data Quality

As most customer-centric organizations know, the value of customer data is dependent on its quality. Without data quality, achieving data trust among customer-facing teams is an uphill battle. To ensure customer data quality,  AI-enabled revenue operations are a necessity. Riva’s AI-automated solutions help to resolve mistakes, duplications, and omissions before customer data reaches your CRM platform—all while freeing go-to-market teams from error-prone manual data entry tasks that can interfere with productivity and revenue growth.

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9. Efficient, Real-Time Data Delivery

Make no mistake: data quality is of paramount importance. But in order for your organization to benefit from high-quality customer data, it needs to be available to your customer-facing teams in real time. With the right revenue operations solution on board, your teams will have up-to-the-minute customer data, putting true customer 360 at their fingertips for every engagement.

10. Detailed Activity Reports

Your integration solution should provide on-demand activity and error reports, supporting quick analysis of metrics and trends—and in-depth data observability. This provides robust, real-time insight into activity metrics that reveal patterns, influence sales, and allow for improved coaching opportunities. 

With Riva’s solutions in place, you’ll effectively break down departmental and technological barriers to increase reporting transparency—giving you access to the right data at the right time to improve customer engagements, customer journeys, and lifetime customer value.

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Achieving comprehensive, current, and trustworthy customer 360 is an ongoing process. As a process, it requires a commitment by your organization to commit to good practices and proven, AI-enabled revenue operations technologies. With that commitment in place, you’ll see immediate and long-term impacts on go-to-market team productivity—and on customer experience, retention, and lifetime value.  

For nearly two decades, Riva’s revenue operations solutions have served the needs of complex enterprises worldwide. Our commitment to the needs of your organization and your customers remains unchanged. And as our technologies evolve to embrace new technologies—like AI—and to address ongoing challenges—like data quality, security, and compliance—we remain excited for a future where our clients and your customers can thrive.

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